How to set up a company in Malta

To open an enterprise in Malta has numerous benefits among which the taxation system, which supplies up to 6/7 refunds to foreign shareholders, complete tax exemptions for holding companies and no withholding taxes or maybe stamp duties in case of profit repatriation. Additionally, when taking into consideration the low company development and maintenance expenses, foreign investors have a number of other reasons to open a business in Malta.

Kinds of Businesses in Malta

Foreign enterprisers creating companies in Malta might select between a number of kinds of business entities based on the desires of theirs. The Maltese Commercial Code enables the incorporation of the following structures:

private limited liability companies – probably the most employed business form in Malta,
public limited liability companies – which could be utilized by big businesses,
overall partnerships – which are ideal for medium-sized and small businesses,
limited partnerships – they’ve exactly the same qualities and may be utilized for exactly the same goal as general partnerships, sole proprietorships that are used by persons carrying out business activities in the own name of theirs.
Foreign businesses likewise have a number of options, among which they are able to pick between subsidiaries, branches and liaison offices in Malta.

Structures employed by international companies in Malta

Foreign companies are additionally permitted to run in Malta through one of the subsequent business forms:

subsidiary companies which could be registered as limited liability companies;
branch offices; symbolic offices or perhaps liaison.
The primary differences between these structures live in the amount of freedom in relation to the parent company and also the activities which may be undertaken on the neighbourhood store. All 3 business forms are controlled by way of the Maltese Company Law.
The subsidiary company which may be set up as limited liability company has probably the highest amount of freedom and will likewise carry out activities which aren’t associated with the parent company’s primary object of the exercise. In comparison to this, the branch office is dependent on the overseas business fully and the activities are actually certain to the parent company’s primary object of the exercise.
The liaison office is actually the simples business create a different company is able to establish in Malta, as it can’t perform any economic activity. It is able to just carry out marketing activities.
The law firm of ours in Malta is able to provide legitimate assistance to overseas companies enthusiastic about creating any of those structures here, in accordance with the desires of theirs. We are able to additionally help in EORI registration in Malta.

Purchasing a shelf company in Malta

Individuals who wish to open a business in Malta also have the possibility of acquiring a ready made or maybe shelf company which may be personalized depending on the requirements of the investor. The shelf company is actually an already registered company; however, the name of its, directors, legal address and object of exercise could be transformed to be able to accommodate the demands of the brand new owner.

Requirements for opening a business in Malta

When deciding to begin a company in Malta, foreign enterprisers will think about the quantity of cash, also known as a share capital they’ll need to invest in the business. By this particular point of view, the Commercial Code only requires public and private businesses to put a certain level of cash.
In the situation of a Maltese private business, the minimum amount accepted is actually 1,165 euros, while for the public company the minimum share capital is roughly 46,600 euros of which only twenty five % must be deposited before registration. Private limited companies with authorized share capital above the minimum threshold must deposit twenty % of the quantity of cash.
Both kinds of businesses should have a minimum of 2 shareholders, whether or not the Company Law additionally makes it possible for a shareholder to build a business in Malta.

Steps to open a business in Malta

The primary steps to get an enterprise in Malta are:
to reserve a business rap with the Maltese Commercial Register,
to draft and notarize the company’s articles and memorandum of association,
to put the minimum share capital with the chosen bank, to file the application as well as the other documents needed with the Trade Register.

The files to be filed with the Malta Trade Register are:
the memorandum and articles of association,
a confirmation of the business name reservation,
the bank receipt confirming the share capital deposit, passport copies of the shareholders, directors and company secretary.
After the Maltese company is actually registered, it should get a business license, register for VAT and with the Employment Training Corporation.

Just how much will it take to register a business in Malta?

Below, the Maltese lawyers of ours explain to you the length of time it requires to open a business in Malta:

the small business name reservation takes a couple of hours;
notarizing and drafting incorporation documents takes one day;
depositing the share capital takes one day;
company and tax registration take two days;
VAT registration takes seven days;
acquiring an employer identification number takes three days; registration for employment purposes takes two days.

Assistance in opening a business provided by our Maltese lawyers

To open an enterprise in Malta isn’t hard, nonetheless, as a different investor, one is going to need guidance in a number of matters. The attorneys of ours in Malta are able to assist in:

preparing all of the documentation associated with registering the business, including notarization of the foreign owners’ identification papers;
assistance in relation with the Maltese Companies Registrar during the entire incorporation procedure;
assistance in relation with the Maltese tax authorities for the business to be registered for pension purposes, insurance, social security, and taxation ; assistance in applying for the essential business permits prior to commencing the activities.
You are able to reach out to the law firm of ours in Malta for any questions related to the registration procedure of a brand new company in this particular nation.
You are able to reach the Maltese law firm of ours for company registration services and for details about the primary reasons to invest in the nation.

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