APA Bubble Beast Returns and how you can help

APA Bubble Beast Returns and how you can help

ACT Test Program

Last Spring, a handful of APA teachers took a fresh swing at an old challenge:  how to motivate & prepare students for the ACT test?  And it was out of this riddle that the idea of Bubble Beast was born and piloted with the Junior Class of 2012-2013.    This year we are expanding the program to a a year-long Bubble Beast competition which

incorporates all 4 grade levels in which there are 6 teams of 35 with 7-10 students from each grade level. 

APA’s Competitions

Competitions occur approximately every three weeks replacing class time with all-day or ½-day events which incorporate all school, grade-level, and sub team level meetings and activities. Competitions include a mixture of active challenges and paper/pencil activities. Points are awarded for meeting goals tied to the key metrics by which APA’s progress is monitored. 

You know that box of 150 key chains left over from last year’s trade show that sits in the back of your company’s storage closet taking up space?  Those little “eye catchers” make great add-ons to prize packages we award to students at the end of Bubble Beast Events. Mini flash lights, rulers, pens, bags with company logos, sunglasses, hats, puzzles, magnets, memory sticks, etc. We can make use these incentives and any financial donations to purchase supplies and snacks for student competitions.  Thank you for supporting this APA-school-wide initiative!  

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