Day: December 24, 2019


Real Life Writing Where did the myth of lonely writers come from? Real life. Probably mine. The weird hours, concentration and total submersion into our craft take a heavy toll

Developing Heroes and Heroines

How Writers Developing Heroes and Heroines? When writers ask me how I develop my heroes and heroines, I realize the process is instinctual now, not entirely conscious. I do remember

Changing Gears Writing Suspense vs. Historicals

How To Write Suspense vs. Historicals? May McGoldrick, a historical romance writer, is a diligent and industrious professional. Jan Coffey is a bit neurotic, frankly. But with good reason. Jan

Preparing Your Manuscript for Submission to Publishers

How To Publish A Manuscript ? One of the questions most often asked by aspiring writers is how to properly prepare a manuscript for submission to publishers. It’s not hard,

Point Of View

What Is Point Of View Writing? POV Ahhhhh! It can drive you crazy, whether you’re a new writer or a seasoned one. It is perhaps one of the most elusive