How to set up a company in Malta

To open an enterprise in Malta has numerous benefits among which the taxation system, which supplies up to 6/7 refunds to foreign shareholders, complete tax exemptions for holding companies and


Real Life Writing Where did the myth of lonely writers come from? Real life. Probably mine. The weird hours, concentration and total submersion into our craft take a heavy toll

Developing Heroes and Heroines

How Writers Developing Heroes and Heroines? When writers ask me how I develop my heroes and heroines, I realize the process is instinctual now, not entirely conscious. I do remember

Changing Gears Writing Suspense vs. Historicals

How To Write Suspense vs. Historicals? May McGoldrick, a historical romance writer, is a diligent and industrious professional. Jan Coffey is a bit neurotic, frankly. But with good reason. Jan

Preparing Your Manuscript for Submission to Publishers

How To Publish A Manuscript ? One of the questions most often asked by aspiring writers is how to properly prepare a manuscript for submission to publishers. It’s not hard,

Point Of View

What Is Point Of View Writing? POV Ahhhhh! It can drive you crazy, whether you’re a new writer or a seasoned one. It is perhaps one of the most elusive

APA Bubble Beast Returns and how you can help

APA Bubble Beast Returns and how you can help

ACT Test Program Last Spring, a handful of APA teachers took a fresh swing at an old challenge:  how to motivate & prepare students for the ACT test?  And it was

Interior Design Project Complete!

Interior Design Project Complete!

Connect Interior Design Project “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” -John Qunicy Adams   This statement exemplifies the

Tech Talk | Where are they now?

Tech Talk | Where are they now?

The APA Career Program The APA Career ProgramThe APA Career Program is unique because it provides graduates with opportunities to work for good companies, making good money right out of