Austin Polytech is currently accepting new and transfer students in grades 9-12! Download your application (also available in Spanish) now or call our CTE Coordinator, Ms. Donya Peterson, at (773) 534-6371 to enroll. See our FAQ for more information.

APA students also benefit from:

  • A safe, supportive learning environment
  • Paid summer job opportunities
  • Project Lead the Way pre-engineering courses
  • Sports, clubs, and student-run businesses
  • Advanced Placement Calculus and English classes
  • Professional machining certifications

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Austin Polytech help me do well in college?

A committed staff of teachers, and a wide range of work experience opportunities will prepare you for leadership in college, careers, and life. Classes are challenging, but teachers provide guidance and support every step of the way. Austin Polytech features school-sponsored college tours and an intensive ACT prep program.

Thanks to our partnerships with over 60 local manufacturers, you can also learn from leading professionals about how they built their careers.

What kind of high-tech jobs will I learn about?

In our Manufacturing Technology Center, you’ll work with high-tech equipment and earn nationally-recognized certifications to help you find high-paying jobs working with sophisticated machines. Our partner companies are already looking to hire young, bright, certified APA graduates.

Our career program will teach you about many different jobs in all aspects of advanced manufacturing (the business of designing and building complex, high-tech products like robots, airplane engines, solar panels, wind turbines, and parts that go into brand name products by GE, Boeing, and other major companies). You’ll even learn how to run your own business. APA graduates will become the next generation of leaders, creating new technologies and businesses to help build a cleaner and safer world.

Why should I want a career in manufacturing?

If you know how to operate a large, complex CNC machine, you could earn good money working for a company that values your skills—in Chicago or anywhere in the US. If you go to college and get a degree in engineering, you could make a comfortable living designing new products and technologies. If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own company, there are many opportunities in manufacturing.

The skills you’ll learn at Austin Polytech are in high demand, and they will open many doors for you to build a bright, successful future for yourself and your community.